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About Tim

img_0929Tim Damon is a writer and yogi who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

From a young age, Tim has had an appreciation for the world of stories, something that he experienced during many nights cuddled up in bed while his mother read to him. His interest in exploring and learning different subjects brought him to the path of holistic medicine in 2002. During that time, he acquired training in reflexology, reiki, and vibrational medicine.

After working as a small business owner, Tim decided to return to school to study business administration. While completing his undergraduate degree at Cape Breton University, Tim uncovered the mysticism of the small island- feeling its enchanting spirit and connecting with its people, including a wide array of artisans. From potters to painters to writers and jewelry producers. These experiences inspired Tim to revisit his own creative passion for writing. Soon after, life opened another door and introduced him to his first writing mentor, E. Alex Pierce. Alex nurtured Tim’s process, helping him become more at ease with his own voice.

Upon completing his degree, Tim worked in business development and marketing, gaining more knowledge in the field and honing his skills. Although the work provided a comfortable income, it often left his spirits depleted. Work assignments would follow him home. He gave up hours of sleep and time spent doing things he loved in order to keep up with the demands of his job. Fortunately for him, a turning point happened, one that would move him toward his own truth — He began yoga teacher training. While in training, Tim faced many of his shadows, peeling away layers of fear and deep-seated insecurities. This allowed him to heal and let go of ideas that didn’t ring true. For this experience, he is eternally grateful. Shortly after his training, Tim left his 9-5 career and moved to Halifax, a move that terrified him as much as it ignited his soul. While he didn’t have a job upon relocating, he continued to have faith that he would land where he was meant to. His goal was to write and teach yoga and that’s what ended up happening.

Tim is guided by the voice in his heart which helps him to remain curious, open-hearted, and playful. He has a whimsical and magical perception of life which fuel his imagination and creative endeavors. He believes that creativity is accessible to all people regardless of one’s ability and loves sharing his thoughts on the rich world of our internal landscape be it through writing, yoga practice, or over a cup of coffee.

Tim’s latest project, “The Shadowbox” is a young adult fantasy novel which he started in October 2011. Since that time, he has completed the first draft and is now in the depths of revisions. The manuscript has been continually evolving as he has grown as a writer, taking on a more vivid, multi-dimensional shape as opposed to a flat, monochromatic one. It is his dream to publish the book in 2018 and looks forward to sharing the journey of writing with others.

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